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Sm Patina Textured Ginko Leaf - Earrings




Sm Patina Textured Ginko Leaf - Earrings
Lg- 2" W x H 2 1/2"
Md- 1 3/4"x1 1/2",
Sm- 1 5/8" x1"

Other sizes and styles shown for patina option.

Each ginkgo leaf is hand cut from solid copper or bronze. Textured, shaped and hand dipped in layers of patina to create this multi tone look. Leaves hang from sterling silver ear wires and include rubber stoppers to keep them securely on your ears.

Patina: Multiple layers of patina are added to give a rich deep color. Edges are satin brush finished to bring out the color of the metal at the bottom edges of each leaf.

Image 1) Jet on Copper
Image 1) Caribbean Breaze over Midnight
Image 2) To show patina only. Caribbean Breeze over Midnight (Left), Blackberry wine (Top right) Blackberry wine over Ruby (Bottom Right)

Symbolism of the ginkgo:


* Each pair is individually shaped, pound and matched so there will be very slight variations between each pair.

*All copper and bronze has a food safe tough, clear protective coating which provides protection for metal from salt damage, tarnish, corrosion and oxidation.

*Wipe sterling parts with silver polish cloth only.