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3 Textured Ginko Leaf - Collar


Primary color


3 Textured Ginko Leaf - Collar
Ginkgo leaves are hand textured and shaped from copper, bronze or sterling silver. Ginkgos are soldered to a heavy gauge wire branch collar which is hammered at end. Finish is satin brushed, then high polished at the tips.

Leaf Sizes: 2"x1 1/4" , 1 1/2"x1", 1"x5/8"
Length: Adjustable

Patina available on copper and bronze except jet. The jet on the sterling will look a bit different because it is a different process.

*All copper and bronze has a food safe tough, clear protective coating which provides protection for metal from salt damage, tarnish, corrosion and oxidation.

**Clean copper and bronze with soap and warm water.