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Large Rugged Spiral Pendant Necklace in Copper, Bronze or Sterling Silver N025-L

Large Rugged Spiral Pendant Necklace in Copper, Bronze or Sterling Silver N025-L
SIZE: 1 5/8"x W 1 3/8" (16" or 18" chain) Will come in 16" unless specified.

Symbolism of the spiral


This bold spiral pendant is inspired by the graceful spirals of the nautilus. Each spiral is hand shaped, hammered with my signature textured from my antique anvil. The texture comes from years of history, transferring every nick, dent and cranny which is transferred to the metal with every hammer stroke

Great for every day, this spiral pendant hangs from a delicate sterling chain with spring clasp and daisy loop giving it that extra little detail. A perfect gift for you, a friend or loved one. The size of this necklace won't get lost and is sure to make a statement.

HAND MADE PROCESS done in my studio by me in Nashville Tennessee. Proudly made in the USA!

Each piece starts as a solid piece of wire in copper or bronze. Shaped by hand, hammered texture, multi step brilliant high polish or soft satin finish and finally double clear coated to help protect against oxidizing and tarnish.


Care instructions:
All copper and bronze have a tough, clear protective coating which helps to protect finishes and reduce, tarnishing corrosion and oxidation. To help preserve coating, contact with hair products, lotions and perfumes. Store jewelry so that the metal doesn’t rub on other items or on itself to prevent scratches and chips in the clear coating.

To clean, wash copper and bronze in warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Polish sterling silver with a soft polishing cloth. When cleaning soft stones, (Pearls, opals and amber) be sure polish is safe to use on them.